Hi, I'm Hannah!

Hello, I’m Hannah, the heart and soul behind MyFamilyDinner.

My journey into the world of meal prep began not as a culinary expert, but as a mom striving to be the best for my family. I remember nights spent cooking until 2 am for my daughter’s school birthday celebration, feeling completely burned out and realizing I had stopped taking care of myself. It was during one of these late nights that I knew something had to change.

That’s when I discovered the power of freezer meal prep. It wasn't just about preparing meals in advance; it was about reclaiming my time, my health, and my joy.

I delved deep into creating recipes that were healthy, delicious, and freezer-friendly, without sacrificing flavor or precious family time. This method didn’t just transform our dinners; it helped our family pay off debt and brought back my confidence.

What a week of My FAMILY DINNERS looks like at home

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Our Unique Approach!

At MyFamilyDinner, we specialize in freezer meal plans that require just 5-10 minutes of prep time.

Unlike the traditional "old school" freezer meal prep method, you don’t have to spend an entire day cooking in the kitchen. Our recipes are designed for busy people like you, offering the convenience of cooking fresh, healthy meals on any hectic day.

Prepping the freezer meals raw, instead of cooking them, preserves their texture and flavor providing you with incredible low effort dinners. 

What My Family Dinner Meal Plans can do for you!

  • Save Money
  • Get Back More Time
  • Renewed Energy

Our Success Stories


Been using these meal plans for 6 weeks and have saved $1000.

Billy Edmonson

The meals were easy to put together and have all been terrific.

Jan Badgley

This made things so easy peasy to prep meals before we had our baby!

Brytan Schlusser

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Our Goal and Vision

Our goal is simple: to bring this life-changing process to as many overwhelmed parents as possible.

We want to make dinner easy, enjoyable, and empowering. If we can support even one family in finding balance and joy in their mealtime routine, then we've succeeded in our mission.

Let's embrace self-care through freezer meal prep in 2024!

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