Quick and Easy Vegetarian Family Dinner Ideas

Recipe Roundup : 13 Vegetarian Meals you must try!

I love to cook with meat, but I also love to be creative and make dishes that do not include meat. These vegetarian recipe round up meals are all vegetarian recipes that have been tried and tested and loved. 13 recipes that you will love. These recipes are full of flavor and taste amazing. Cook up a side of roasted veggies or a bed of rice and enjoy. Also, can you say Saturday morning breakfast, pancakes for the win. Read on for more!

Lentil Curry Soup – Vegetarian Freezer Meal
Full of flavor, curry flavors and its NOT SPICY! Our whole family, including the kids, enjoys this one. Oh, did I mention it's one of our favorite vegetarian dinners.
Vegetarian Enchilada Bowl Freezer Meal
This recipe is delicious and makes you not even think that meat is necessary in the recipe. So customizable that you can add and put anything in this recipe that makes your mouth water.
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red thai coconut curry
Red Thai Coconut Curry
This Red Thai Coconut Curry Recipe is so tasty and filling. With a little flair added, and full of flavor, this recipe is filled with deliciousness. I love this recipe and I know you will love it too.
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Make Ahead Mac and Cheese
This recipe is delicious and guess what? Your kids will devour this and ask for more. Make ahead Mac and Cheese will be a recipe that you will go back to over and over again. No fuss and little mess makes for a great day in the kitchen.
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Healthy sweet potato casserole | Healthy sweet potato recipes | Healthy sweet potato casserole with honey | Sugar free sweet potato casserole | Low sugar sweet potato casserole | Sweet potato casserole with canned yams | Freezer sweet potato casserole
Sweet Potato Casserole
The perfect meal for any gathering or dinner. This Sweet Potato Casserole is the perfect vegetarian dish that will make your guest droll for more. This recipe is quick and easy, and super delicious.
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A Year of Meal Plans on a Budget
DIY Freezer Hash Browns
Hash browns made just the way you like it. A quick and easy way to make hash browns in bulk so that you will have them ready when you need them. Use up those potatoes and make some delicious hash browns in the process.
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Spanish Rice and Beans
Whether you are making it as a freezer meal, or making it tonight, this recipe is a must try. Super fast and easy, this recipe is perfect for beginners that are looking to get into freezer meal prep. Enjoy the time saving benefits of Freezer Meal Spanish rice and beans being cooked right in front of your eyes.
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Are you feeling the motivation to cook some vegetarian meals? Adding some vegetarian meals into your routine dinner schedule is super beneficial to your body. The vegetarian diet provides many benefits. Vegetarian diet tends to decrease blood pressure, prevents atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, and helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Vegetarian meals also provide a lot of antioxidants and fiber. Having a balance between vegetarian and meat options, provides your body with valuable nutrients. Another great benefit of vegetarian options is that it is a more ecologically sustainable option of eating. Vegetarian diets also generally provide for an increase in weight loss. All great options for balanced vegetarian options.

Vegan Hummus Recipe | Best Hummus Recipe | Best Vegan Hummus Recipe
Vegan Hummus
Vegan Hummus is the recipe that you need for any gathering. Simple and delicious, quick and easy. This hummus recipe will make you never want to buy hummus at the store again.
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Vegan Tortilla Soup
Everyone loves this spicy vegan tortilla soup! The spicy kick is not overwhelming but gives you a soup full of big flavor for a complete dinner that satisfies. This spicy vegetarian tortilla soup can be enjoyed with or without a kick its up to you!
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White Bean Soup
I love a good soup recipe. Especially one that feels light and refreshing on any cool summer night. This white bean spinach soup freezer meal fits all that and more! A light refreshing freezer meal you can easily prep ahead of time in minutes and enjoy any night
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Classic Pancakes Recipe | Classic Buttery Pancakes | The Perfect Pancake | Light and Fluffy Pancakes
Classic Buttery Pancakes
After years and years of trial and error we have perfected a classic and fluffy buttery pancake recipe! What makes these pancakes so great is the fluffy buttery goodness each pancake has to offer. They will melt in your mouth and will remind you of vanilla cake perfection.
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A Year of Meal Plans on a Budget
Cranberry Sauce
With all natural ingredients and naturally sweetened this cranberry sauce is the perfect mixture of sweet and tart. Using fresh cranberries is affordable and gives a light fresh taste to this side dish. 
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Instant Pot Tomato Sauce
Enjoy with your favorite pasta, this homemade tomato sauce can be used with fresh tomatoes or canned tomatoes. Quick and easy to make, this sauce is flavorful and delicious.
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Having a good balance between vegetarian meals and meat meals is a great way to provide your body with the different forms of nourishment it needs. This vegetarian recipe round up provides you with nutritional balance, again it is always crucial and is beneficial for many reasons. Tasty, delicious, and enjoyable, this round up includes a variety of recipes, from sauces, to pancakes and sweets, freezer friendly dinner options, and side dishes. Enjoy these amazing 13 recipes the next time you begin to prep for your next meal calendar, and be on your way to a more balanced food lifestyle.


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